Thursday, May 23, 2013

Everest Controversies of 2013

Everest being one of the most known landmarks has attracted huge controversies where it has charts news with its headlines. With high rise in numbers coming for Everest Expedition from all over the world, the cases and controversies related to Everest scaling are also increasing. From the small brawl to an actress climbing without permission to the live broad casting from Everest, Everest is buzzing everywhere in News.  
With such controversies happening around, the government of Nepal has decided to organize a three-day event to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the first ascent of the Mt Everest, with a three-day event from May 27-29. Reality is Everest marks its 60 diamond jubilee with popularity of high controversies and faces of dissatisfaction.
Contemplating such condition and situation the government of Nepal should seriously think about maintaining a strict rules and regulations in retrospect to the revenue and services that can be given and managed.
Fight at Everest
April 27, 2013: News tops the chart with controversies of violence breaking out at 24,000ft – 5,029ft below the summit. Professional climbers Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, and their photographer, Jonathan Griffith, were attacked at Everest's Camp II (23,000 feet) by an angry group of Sherpas. It was reported that Sherpa guides, who were fixing ropes and digging a path on the snowy trail above Camp 2, asked the climbers to wait until they were finished. Steck, Moro, and Griffith ignored them and started upwards, knocking ice chunks onto the Sherpas below.
 Moro wrote in a press release that the "lead Sherpa was tired and cold and felt that his pride had been damaged as the three climbers were moving unroped and much faster to the side of him."

Everest controversies of 2013

Arjun and Nisha Adhikari climbing without a permit
Nisha Adhikari and Arjun Kari, who have successfully scaled the Mt Everest on 20th May 2013, attracted huge controversies when they were questioned for their permit at the Everest Base camp.
During a check by the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC), Namche, the actors names were not listed in the expedition team sent to us by the ministry. However, her Everest adventure became controversial after it was discovered that she did not have the permission to climb the peak, as the papers showed her as an assistant in a Chinese expedition team. No climber can go beyond the base camp without expedition permit issued by the Nepalese government.

Daniel Hughes broadcasting
British climber Daniel Hughes has been charged with illegal broadcasting on top of Mt.Everest.
Hughes was found broadcasting live on air with BBC for a live video interview from Mt. Everest  on Sunday without permission from the Nepal Government.

According to Nepal Government, “There is a permit that is required to film or use alternative forms of communication on top of the Everest. Even using a satellite phone on Everest requires a special permission from the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) and a fee of Nrs 120,000. Filming for public broadcast could be higher than USD 10,000. Hughes had not taken any permission from the authorities hence his broadcasting has been termed illegal.”

Though the climber has auctioned his red nose which he wore during the live broadcasting to raise £1 Million for the charity of Comic Relief but still his lack of carelessness shown towards authorities has made expedition controversial. 

Hughes was quoted, "This is the world's first live video call -- never been done before -- from the rooftop of the world," Hughes used his HTC one smartphone to provide video for the call.

AFP reports, “Nepalese government says Hughes' interview broke the law because Hughes did not seek the government's permission for his broadcast.”