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Friday, December 5, 2014

Adventurous Bungy Jump:

Adventurous Bungy Jump:
Nepal offers the most exciting and one of the longest free fall in the world. It is a unique and incredible experience, standing on the edge of the metal suspension bridge, staring down at a vertical drop of 525 feet.  The adrenalin rush takes over through your body and you feel invincible.  You watch the river floor slowly come up to meet you as you are lowered to the bottom, get unstrapped, and sit, accompanied by the mildest tremble perhaps, and grin as you hear the next jumper scream like a little girl. Ultimate bungee is Nepal’s ultimate rush and the most spectacular jump on the planet.

Length: 101 km
Days: 1
Highest point: The Last Resort (2,750m)
Difficulty Level: Moderate  
·         The longest free fall in the world
·         Outstanding 160m drop into Bhoti Kosi River-one of Nepal’s wildest river
·         Designed, constructed and operated by very experienced Kiwis to exacting international standards
·         Impeccable and untarnished safety record
·         Nepal's Ultimate Rush and the most spectacular jump on the planet
·         Highly recommended for adrenaline junkies
Important Information
1.      During Bungy jump, do not use alcoholic beverages
2.      Small hiking of half an hour is required to reach the top of the bridge
3.      Prior jumping a small physical test is conducted
4.      For safety measures, every individual’s weight is proportionately balanced with the thickness of the Bungy cord 
5.      During the jump, it is not advised to put an items in your pockets
6.      Prior Bungy it is not advised to have food

1.      How far is the Bungy jumping site located?
Bungey jumping site is located 100 km outside Kathmandu near the Tibetan Border. It takes 3 hours to reach there. From the base you have to hike for half an hour to reach the Bungy jumping bridge.
During Bungy can I touch the water?
Due to safety measure you won’t be able to touch the water

What should I wear during the Bungy?
During the Bungy, we advise not to wear any ornaments or heavy clothes, just be comfortable in what you wear.
Do I need to be physically fit?
Yes, you need to be in a healthy condition. Prior the jumping, its compulsion to take weight test and to check your blood pressure.
What is the altitude of the Bungy jumping?
3600 feet
How safe is Bungy in Nepal
The Bridge is Swiss designed, especially for bungy jumping with a 4x safety factor. The bridge has a loading factor of 41,500kg or 4.5 tonnes. And those are Swiss measurements! The Bungy Bridge is the longest in Nepal and also the only privately owned bridge. Before its construction, locals walked five hours to cross this river gorge.