Monday, April 22, 2013

Adventurous White water rafting in Nepal

White water rafting is one of the most exciting and sort after activity in Nepal, people from all over the
world come here just to enjoy and relax the nature’s exotic creation.

The Bhote Koshi, which runs alongside the Arniko Highway to the Tibetan border northeast of
Kathmandu, is probably the steepest and hardest commercial rafting river in Nepal. It has been rated
Class 4+ river which in normal terms mean high adventurous.
It is a Twenty- Six Kilometers of continuous white water that soaks rafters as they shoot through a
veritable maze of canyons and boulders and requires a lot of concentration. Starting above Barabise, the
river moves toward Lamosangu with a twist and turns.

Passing by the big rapids and facing waves arouses the sense of emancipation where fear and
excitement melts down and the splash of cold water refreshes you. Dare to challenge nature, come face
it at its best form with an exciting taste of adrenaline and you will know the real meaning of adventure.
This river of Nepal is ready to take you up for a rollercoaster ride that is more than fast and furious.
Full with excitement and exhilaration White Water Rafting in Bhote Koshi is accustomed to the real
adventure of what Nepal has to offer. Within the swiftly flowing rivers and tantalizing sheer music,
the rivers seem stalled in time. Shattering its image the river comes alive with raging attitude to an
aggressive twists and turns. Fear takes a new form of excitement creating an enthusiasm to testify your
will where no one can keep themselves from the adrenal rush. Divine to sight, the natural raw terrain
and unexploited greenery adds satisfaction to the eyes. The journey on the flowing torrents could thus
be an exhilarating and fun-filled adventure.

After a series of Class III rapids, easy yet so adventurous, then comes the first Class IV rapid popularly
known as Gerbil in the Plumbing followed by the technical rapid Frog in a Blender, which makes us
fearless while tackling the churning waves in a big swirling pool. After a long gutsy ride, which feels like a
ride on the back of a giant dragon?

This river is one of the most fun things you can do right out of the Kathmandu and a great way to get
an adrenaline fix during the low water months. It is one of the most exciting ways of exploring Nepal.
The Government has opened 16 rivers graded on a scale of 1 to 5 for commercial rafting. Continuous,
challenging and action-packed, the Bhote Koshi offers nothing less than the ride of a lifetime.

Bhote Koshi River rafting is also an idyllic rafting trip for the experienced Rafters and Kayakers.
During the rafting you cruise through a stupendous setting, thrilling drops, gorges and limestone
formations welcome you into another dimension where your instinct becomes your driving force and
your body is your best ally. Both experienced and novice paddlers will agree that this is the Ultimate
Rafting Experience.

Rafting in the Bhote Koshi is a full body activity, with much more than mere paddling. You learn how to
throw your body weight around the raft in desperate, yet effective attempts to swing the raft around
boulders and through the hydraulics. Owing to its sharp gradient, this is a fast flowing river, offering a
unique combination of exceptionally fun and challenging rapids without it ever getting past the point of
recreation. Suitable for both novices and expert rafters, Bhote Koshi offers the ultimate adrenaline rush.

The best time for rafting along this Bhote Koshi river is from October to December and From February
to April. This is an ideal package either for veteran or beginner on river rafting. If you have never rafted
before but want to get an experience Bhote Koshi is a wild ride. Awesome scenery of the territory,
gorges, formation of limestone and thrilling drops of river makes your adventure an ever memorable.

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