Monday, April 22, 2013

Paragliding in Nepal

A typical day trip for an adventure enthusiast will involve half hour to about 40 minutes of actual flying
as getting to the site, briefing, equipment check and fitting takes time. Normally, you would leave in the
morning, drive by jeep up to take-off site and take off according to your turn. You may have to wait as
sometimes a flyer take off, does their flight, and then the pilot and the glider have to drive back up the
hill to take off with you.

For adventure seekers, Paragliding in Nepal is an excellent choice of adventure available. Paragliding in
above the Himalyan range can be both a rewarding and thrilling experience. As it’s a sport dependent on
the weather, the best time to try it is between November and February to take advantage of those clear
mild days. The main destination for flying is the Annapurna region and more specifically Pokhara Valley.
There are several take off points around Phewa Lake but the most accessible is Sarangkot with its own
purpose built take off point. Sarangkot falls under eight of the most adventurous places for paragliders
in the world and first started here in 1992. Sarangkot offers a suitable environment and in good weather
paragliders can fly up to 80 km without fuel.

Paragliding tour in Nepal basically takes you to Pokhara giving you some of the best scenery on
earth such as beautiful lakes, spectacular peaks, stunning overhead view of the city, monasteries,
temples, lakes and jungle, and flight across the hills and the city etc. The paragliding experience from
the city of Pokhara with its sightseeing and arrive at Sarangkot. It is beautiful hill station offering
amazing sunrise and sunset views over the Himalayas. This is the place where our paragliding dream
adventure is conducted. Observing glory of Annapurna range and beautiful landscape around Pokhara
Machhapuchhare, Lamjung Himal, Annapurna Himal, Himchuli, Fewa Lake, Rice field, Rivers and
settlements are below gives you thrills with a great photographic opportunity.

Paragliding normally costs USD 100 for 30 minutes flight, and if you are lucky you may get discounts
during the monsoon season. For those more serious about getting into paragliding there are full courses
to get you flying solo in no time (typically 7-12 days). Expert instruction is delivered via 2 way radios.
Due to the exceptional weather during the season in Nepal, you can complete the tasks needed to gain
your license far quicker than in less predictable climates.

Paragliding can be done in two ways, single and tandem jump. Single jump is for experts and
professionals who have mastered this sport but for beginners and learners tandem is the best
solution. Taking a tandem flight is the easiest way to have a go at paragliding. Tandem flying involves
an experienced pilot accompanying with a passenger. Both the pilot and passenger have separate
harnesses that are attached to each other and the wing. Paragliding harnesses are built for comfort and
safety; they feel more like an armchair. Once launched the passenger just sits back, relaxes and takes
in the epic scenery. Even taking pictures is not a problem. Taking a tandem flight from Pokhara you first
take a 20min jeep ride from Pokhara to Sarangkot the viewpoint 2000ft above Lakeside. From here you
can see 3 of the highest mountains in the world. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, all over 8000 m.

The experience of leaving ground with just the support of a canvas and wind was wonderful moment.
It makes you feel awesome flying above leaving everything below. Slowly you catch up altitude and you
gradually go up and up. Around at 1900 m the winds are pretty strong and at times if the conditions are
not right then it can turn out to be fatal.

Moreover, the bird eye view of Fewa Lake and the whole Pokhara valley was simply rejuvenate you.
Travelling in the the month of September-October where sky is pretty clear and can have the great view
of the Annapurna ranges and Macchapuchre. Once you glide in the air and you feel the airless feeling

then the real adrenaline rush appears. It’s a freefall in spiral way with you nearly horizontal and you see
nothing except the horizon and the earth, the experience is simply awesome.

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